Pessary for pelvic organ prolapse

Les pessaires sont peu prescrits ici en France. Question de mentalité, c’est dommage !

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Following the success of the forum around education for pessary use in the management of pelvic organ prolapse, Gaynor Morgan CEO of C&G Medicare Ltd has set up a website to help those who seek information.

Pessary pick of the month is a helpful educational tool to keep patients and doctors updated about the latest information around pessaries and their uses. Have a look at the full slide show for pessaries here.

Image    Image

Pessaries have been around for centuries and their development has taken to different shapes and materials used, but the end result is the same, pessaries are there to suppor the pelvic organ prolapse. It will not cure a pelvic organ prolapse but it will help offer a better quality of life to the user.

Pessaries are used to treat cycstoceles, rectoceles,urtheroceles,enteroceles, uterine prolapse and vaginal vault.

Gaynor Morgan heads up APOPS Europe (Association for pelvic…

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